Day 21 – December 21

1221As we get closer to Christmas Day, we not only get excited for the holidays, we also get rushed. And tired. And irritable. And impatient.

Today, serve someone you come in contact with by being patient.

Let someone in your traffic lane, even if it means you have to sit an extra cycle at the stoplight.

Recognize that all of the people out rushing around are doing the same things you are–trying to get their holiday preparations done. Since they are just like you, show them some mercy.

And remember, the person taking your exchange after you stood in line for way too long: they have been doing this all day long. Be patient with them and show some cheer and love.

But the fruit of the Spirit is … patience. (Galatians 5.22)


We encourage you to return daily for more opportunities to serve others during these 31 Days of Service. We also encourage you to share your own ideas of service as well as the times of service you and your family perform. You can use the comment section below or tag us in social media using: #sp31days

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