Day 18 – December 18

1218Let your family discover the joy of serving one another through helping with everyday tasks.

Let everyone in the family pitch in to make dinner–from selecting what you eat, to preparing it, to cleaning up after the meal is over.

Be sure to enjoy your time together and use it as an opportunity to enjoy the blessings of having food and the ability to enjoy the company that is shared over a meal.

Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up into heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. … They all ate and were satisfied. (Mark 6.41-42.)

Other Ideas

•Invite someone to come and eat the meal you have prepared as a family. Be sure to spend time in blessing one another around the table, including your guests. Honor them through your hospitality and the way you include them during this special time.

•Make more than your family will be able to eat, perhaps double the recipe. Then take the extra food to someone else who may be in need, or perhaps just someone you want to encourage and bless through this food.

We encourage you to return daily for more opportunities to serve others during these 31 Days of Service. We also encourage you to share your own ideas of service as well as the times of service you and your family perform. You can use the comment section below or tag us in social media using: #sp31days

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