Day 14 – December 14

1214For most of us, our pace of life is so busy, we rarely have time to be fully in the moment with others. Because of this, there are many around us who are lonely and discouraged.

Stop and spend just a few minutes, 30 minutes over a cup of coffee perhaps, being fully present with someone, especially someone who may be needing some encouragement.

Turn off your phone, forget about your next appointment, talk little and listen lots. Just be with that person.

Recalling your tears, I long to see you. (2 Timothy 1.4)

Other Ideas:

•If you are with multiple people, each of you put your phone in the middle of the table. First one to grab their phone buys.

•You might think of several questions–all focused on someone else–to help focus you on being fully present with them. Make sure they are questions that cause you to listen more than you talk.

We encourage you to return daily for more opportunities to serve others during these 31 Days of Service. We also encourage you to share your own ideas of service as well as the times of service you and your family perform. You can use the comment section below or tag us in social media using: #sp31days

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